DJ Frostbyte - Event pictures I now have a computer/sound system in my truck... Your first question is probably 'why?' but read on and it may turn to 'why not?'. Now instead of 10 songs on a CD I have 10,000 songs at my fingertips. I can also play DVDs, games, and get on the net when I need to (if I can find my way into a nearby public wireless network). Also, when someone calls, the signal is transferred to my computer/screen via bluetooth and their name/number/picture pops up on the screen all while the volume is steadily decreasing so I can hear them if I decide to pick it up. This happens automatically. So, I can pretty much do everything, AND it's safer pretty good solution I'd say. Special shout outs to Balistek Motorsports, Matt Wold and David Parker for making this possible.
Pictures are below, any comments?

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